The developers of JSENT work closely with System Integrators to market and implement systems using the JSENT product. These SI's are available to discuss your requirements and to help you develop a customised solution.

Advanced users who want to investigate non-standard uses of JSENT can contact the development team directly, see the details below.

System Integrators and Sales

Contact one of the SI's below if you are looking for an automation system using the standard JSENT system.

1.  ITSI - Industrial Technology & Systems Integration

Contacts:     [Andrew Godfrey]

Telephone:    +27 31 2793700
Fax:        +27 31 2661403
Website:    http://www.itsi.co.za

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 2069
Westville, 3630
South Africa


2.  CSS - Total Automation Solutions

Contacts:     [Pieter Venter]     [Geoff Dall]

Telephone:    +27 31 914 0040
Fax:        +27 31 914 4141
Website:    http://www.cs-solutions.co.za

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 11
Umbogintwini, 4120
South Africa

JSENT customisation

Contact the development team directly if you have an application which may require customisation of JSENT. For example if you have an unusual application or there is the possibility of embedding JSENT into one of your products. We look forward to discussing how JSENT can be adapted.

For futher information please send an email to:   support@jsent.co.za.

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